Advice & Risk Assessment

Small Businesses

The first question many small business owners have is what they need to do in order to meet all the Health and Safety laws and regulations they face. A quick, phone call with us will help us to identify your industry and give you some general free advice on the main areas that need your attention. If you find any of these do need something then we can provide the services you need.
health and safety training
Identify any health and safety issues that are relevant to you
health and safety training
We can also conduct a basic health and safety audit and inspection for only the cost of the travel, for your site and organisation. This leads to a report detailing where you need to get to. From there we can work together to provide the risk assessments, policies, safe operating procedures and training you need.

Larger Businesses and Organisations

Most large businesses already have a Health and Safety policy but there are a number of reasons to review and amend this. It is important to regularly review your policies and procedures to make sure they meet any changes to laws and regulations. We can provide regular management and review services to make sure your business is operating safely and within the law, limiting the risk of an accident or liability claim.

Your business may also be expanding, relocating or restructuring, all of which require a review of policies and procedures and often additional risk assessments. There may also be an unusual circumstance such an event, new machinery or an identified problem with the existing policy or procedure. We can provide an ad-hoc service in these circumstances to cover all the areas than need reviewing and updating.